All About Dogs

Behavior & Training Center


All About Dogs offers a variety of educational programs for dog owners to develop a solid bond and a healthy relationship with their dogs. The goal of all of our training programs is to help families learn to live well with their dogs without the use of force or harsh punishment.

Private training at All About Dogs allows us to evaluate your family's unique goals and needs and to design a program that makes training your dog part of your every day life. Puppies started with All About Dogs training methods develop into confident, emotionally healthy adult dogs. Adult dogs of all ages learn quickly with these same techniques due to high motivation and low stress levels.

While very successful working with both puppies and adult dogs, All About Dogs is highly competent in dealing with aggressive animals safely and humanely. Behavioral problems that we routinely treat include aggression, destructiveness, nervousness, jumping, biting, barking and general unruliness.

Training programs are offered at our training facility in Kennebunk, Maine. Home visits can also be very helpful to work on specific training needs and to help integrate your dog into the rhythm of your family's daily routine. We invite you to learn more about us, our training methods, and the programs we offer. If you feel that we can help you develop a better relationship with your dog, please contact us to make arrangements for a consultation.


A great relationship with your dog is built on trust and communication.